Rat Galactic

Pronouns: They/Them

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A true student of the music, Rat Galactic draws inspiration from the cultural history of dance music. Listening to their sets you’re likely to hear music from decades ago amongst fresh tracks from modern producers. Rat aspires to play music from all genres while maintaining a deep vibe; a skill they believe only the most veteran DJs can accomplish. Rat values many tenants of the old school raver mentality, DJs should remain humble and servants of the sound, nights should gradually build energy, and that all of this is for love; for both music and of our fellow ravers.

The name Rat Galactic came from a desire to remain lighthearted and humble. Rodents are obsessive creatures, squirreling away things of value (like records), and they are most comfortable in dark corners. Passionate about science fiction and spacey beats, Galactic was a natural choice that happens to roll off the tongue as well.


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