MC Cles One

Stateside Collective | Force Recordings

M.C. CLES ONE of The IMMORTAL RABBIT IN THE MOON CREW ! …Writer, Producer, Director,& Host on the PLAYBOY TV show MONEY TALKS ! This Tampa LEGEND is one of the most versatile MC’s EVER! CLES has hosted COUNTLESS shows coast 2 coast sharing the stage with artists such as KRS1, Slick Rick, Mosdef, WuTang Clan,to name just a few… not to mention almost EVERY electronic artist KNOWN TO MAN. Locally he helped put the Orpheum on the map with” SHINE Wednesdays” (open Mic Hip Hop night) that ran for 2 1/2 years. His “Got Skills?” battle series helped launch the careers of MC’s like Laws, Surreal,Vocab & MANY others. Member of Stateside Collective & co-founder of Force Recordings.


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