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HELLMAN is Drum & Bass Promoter and DJ based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. As a member of ANODNB (A Night of Drum & Bass) and Foundation.DnB, HELLMAN has promoted and performed for numerous Drum & Bass shows all over the state of Florida.

HELLMAN’s selection consists of Jungle, Soulful, Liquid Funk and Hip-Hop influenced Drum and Bass. For 3 decades HELLMAN surrounded himself with the local and international Drum & Bass talent that would visit the Tampa Bay scene; this proved to be his inspiration and motivation to step up to the plate and push the sound to a wider audience. 2015 proved to be HELLMAN’s freshman year, playing events at many underground night clubs in the Central Florida Area and opening for the world’s top Drum and Bass talent. HELLMAN is always looking for new opportunities to push the Drum & Bass scene to its limits and wave the banner of his local scene.

ANODNB (a Night of Drum & Bass) is Tampa Bay’s only monthly Drum & Bass/Jungle event. Established in 2015, ANODNB is a collective of the local Tampa Bay DnB scenes’ veteran artists who pulled together to host Jungle/DnB events on a regular basis. Foundation.Dnb started from a simple conversation between Original Junglists CLRH2O (Stateside Collective, Force Recordings, Stepping Forward, Straylight Mastering) and Thee Joker (Liquid Sky, Hoodie Monks, Low Pass Records). Foundation.DNB is simply an artist-based collective dedicated to the preservation, promotion, education AND progress of Drum and Bass music.



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