Hallucination Media

Well known for their “Hallucination On Film” collective, providing custom visuals for many of the top festivals and clubs over the years including Ultra Music Festival at it’s inception. A talented group of vjs / artists use years of visual wisdom to provide visual stimulation like no other.

Hallucination Media combines the latest visual technologies, with design and build experience, to deliver an experience second to none. Video mapping, LED light mapping, custom fabrication, and prop design are all components of a well rounded visual portfolio of Hallucination Media.

MONIKER: Hallucination On Film custom visual production, loops, live mixing, and master controller vj extraordinaire

L.S.D ( LucidSFX Development ).: Brandon and Joe, the masters of 3­D development

randomBboy: custom 3­d development, visual illusions

Yurika: live visual control

Berkeley: Special lifetime HOF artist

Monk: Hustler Of Culture


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