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Despite an intentionally low profile, Grumptronix has been there from the beginning. He started DJ’ing in 1989 and played at the very first rave (along with Monk and Three) in Tampa in 1991. His releases are known far and wide, played by the likes of the late, great Andrew Weatherall, DJ Hell, and Ellen Allien. In 2020, Scotland’s Craigie Knowes label released a three-part vinyl retrospective showcasing the Grumptronix sound. Much of Grumptronix’ focus today centers around his Body Works label, launched in 2018 in New York. With releases from Timothy J Fairplay, Orlando Voorn, Hologram & Kirk Degiorgio and artwork by the *World Famous* The Designers Republic. Later this year, he’ll celebrate the 25th anniversary of Grumptronix with the release of a retrospective album on Hallucienda, with remixes by Second Hand Satellites and San Francisco legend Jonah Sharp as Spacetime Continuum, among others.


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