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In 1998 The FootSouljahs were formed in Syracuse, NY as a Drum and Bass collective of 3 DJs (Superball, Mike407 and D-Low) and 2 MCs (Code Blue and Optimus Rhyme). The FootSouljahs rocked the rave scene throughout the Upstate NY area for years at local club nights, outlaws and raves. The FootSouljahs never planned a set, instead always played off the vibe of the party. The FootSouljahs shared the stage with DJ royalty such as LTJ Bukem, Randal, Q-Bert, Craze, SS, Bassline Smith, Blame, Kenny Ken, Mickey Finn, to name a few.

In 2001 the FootSouljahs moved in different directions with Superball moving to NYC and Mike407 moving to Washington, DC. In NYC Superball teamed up with Trunks to form where they hosted weekly Drum and Bass DJs from the NYC area and international DJs that were on tour at the time. would broadcast live from NYCs Drum and Bass Saturday night weekly, Direct Drive.

In 2016 Superball and Mike407 relocated to Tampa, FL and teamed up with Thee Joker (Foundation.DnB/Hoodie Monks) to start their own Drum and Bass monthly “a Night of DRUM and BASS. Now both squads continue to bring the Tampa Bay area a monthly dose of Drum and Bass and are not looking back!


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