Juicy Junglist

Juicy Junglist is the alias of Belinda Pettinato, a Central Florida based DJ and Festival Producer, established in 2005. For a decade Juicy Junglist put her DJ career on hold to focus on producing the annual global synchronized music and art festival, Earthdance Florida, along with other festivals and events from 2009-2018. Since her festival production days, the music goddess has reawakened inside of her. Juicy Junglist is now enchanting dance floors around the world at festivals, burns, and club venues to all walks of life while sharing her passion for music and commUNITY co-creation. She loves to connect and immerse herself with the crowd and brings an eclectic repertoire of music, ranging in many styles of electronica. Juicy Junglist is quite the mixologist and enjoys taking her audience on soul enriching journeys while mixing, blending, sampling, and cutting her favorite styles of Jungle, DNB, Halftime, Rave, Breakbeats, Future Bass, UK Garage, World Bass, Glitch, Dub, Psychedelic, Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, and Downtempo. Her unique style, track selections, and passion will leave quite a positive and lasting impression on your Juicy experience.

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