Beautiful Confusion

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Bryan Tyson, aka Beautiful Confusion, was inspired at age 13 by Run DMC early on to become a turntablist. With a rich history in the hip hop community as one of the finest “scratch dis” in Tampa Bay, Tyson started his next journey in production. Having a diverse taste in music, he launched his DEEP PRODUCTIONS music studio in 2001. In 2018, Straz Performing Arts awarded Deep Productions as one of the most influential studios of all time in Tampa Bay. With over 20 years experience, and multiple platinum and gold plaques under his belt, Tyson made his mark in the international hip hop scene.

Tyson’s true love for electronic dance music, which he discovered at 18 through the influence of Rabbit In The Moon and Monk, has never wavered. Most recently Tyson has re-ignited his passion for electronic dance music and joined forces with vocalist / performer Skye Vaness to relaunch his moniker BEAUTIFUL CONFUSION.

To celebrate BEAUTIFUL CONFUSION’s new musical work, HBC welcomes them to the stage to perform and showcase a couple of their newest tunes and then….drop the mic.


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